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Information Technology has constructed a dynamic landscape to the very core of business regardless of the sector they belong to. For many business the act of digitalisation and the transition to take a huge leap forward requires sound expertise and a strategic facilitator to assist in a smooth and seamless transformation.

AVU Business Solutions guides you towards a view of the future, the future of your business. The proficient knowledge and years of experience has emerged to the binding structures of dedicated service in the verticals of ERP Solutions, Corporate Training & development, Industry 4.0 and Application Development.

Business Solutions at AVU compiles techno-functional competence in universal business domains. The calibre to deliver bespoke solutions in many multi-functional sectors like manufacturing, retail, project & service industries simplifying business process for a preferred tomorrow.

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About Avu

DigitalConnexion, having 12years of experience in providing technology solutions and business development best practices across organisations in KSA and middle east countires. DigitalConnexion holds a strong domain knowledge in Retail, Manufacturing, Service and Food chain verticle. Our partnership enables AVU in providing cutting edge technology solutions and collectively we achieve success for our customers and for ourselves

RollingStone Consulting


About Avu

Rolling Stone Consultancy are a team of Industry veterans who have launched consultancy firm in TRV. Their services involves Outcome Based Interventions; Learning & Capability Development among other Forte to fulfil training needs of organizations The approach of Connect, Collaborate & Converge enables customers to achieve their business goals.

Core Values

ERP Implementation


Strong techno functional expertise in Manufacturing, Trading, Retailing, F&B, Project  & Service Industry domains

ERP Implementation


Work extensively with open-source technologies and tools to offer our client an economic, robust and stable solution.

ERP Implementation


Deliver solutions to match the specific needs of clients for efficient and economical success in respective areas of business.

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